Fort Lauderdale Florida Real Estate Market Predictions 2018

Homes with pools saw a huge increase in value over the start of 2018 due to the climate change enthusiasts sparking more baby boomer migration into the area in the hopes of finding a suitable tropical climate to live out their retirement.  If you have been considering installing a pool, but have been waiting for the right moment, now’s the time.

How To Boost Your Homes Value Quickly?

One key upgrade that we noticed had a surprisingly impact on increasing the perceived value of homes in the area was kitchen upgrades.  Adding stainless steel appliances can be one of the quickest ways to boost the perceived value of your rental, so definitely make sure you keep that in mind the next time you are looking for the right type of upgrades to perform to your home.

Fort Lauderdale

Should You Consider Buying A Ft. Lauderdale Home in 2018?

Fort Lauderdale market trends indicate a decrease of $6,250 (-2%) in median home sales over the past year. The average price per square foot for this same period rose to $253, up from $247.  The number of rentals seems to be dropping at a steady pace, so it might be a good time to either hold your rental or pick one up at a discounted price, since they seem to be priced at a much lower point than earlier in the season.